Friday, April 29, 2016

Looking Back: April 1941: Sycamore Illinois Reserve Militia Getting Finger-printed

From the April 20, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."

1941, 75 years ago.

The members of the Sycamore unit of the Illinois Reserve Militia were fingerprinted at the regular drill of the local outfit on Thursday evening, the fingerprinting done by Lt. Ebbeson, a member of the police force of DeKalb on regular FBI blanks."

I Imagine in Case of the Body Being Too Being Too Badly Torn Up in an Explosion.  --GreGen

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Looking Back: April 1941: A Need for Nurses

From the April 20, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois)

1941, 75 years ago.

"The job of taking care of more than 1,400,000 young men in camps over the United States for a year of military training has fallen more or less into the hands of trained nurses because in such a large concentration of people the need for vast hospital facilities and nurses to watch over 62,000 beds is most urgent."

We weren't at war yet, but those war clouds were on the horizon.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lebanon, Missouri's War Dead: Charles Wrinkle

On Sunday, April 24th, we stopped by the Lebanon, Missouri, VFW on our way back from Bennett Springs.  We noticed a marked memorial in front of it that listed names of Lebanon area people killed during World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

By far the largest number of names was for World War II.  One of them was a Charles Wrinkle.  This last name is very famous for us Route 66ers as Glen Wrinkle owned a famous place on Route 66 called Wrink's for some 55 years.

We went inside and asked the people who said that Charles was indeed a relative.

Wrink's still stands, but has been empty for awhile.  Three different people have tried to make a go of a business in the place since Glen Wrinkle's death in 2005.  We were fortunate to meet him on several occasions.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: Railroads, Advertising and 4-H

July 16, 2014  BOBBY SOX BRIGADE: 1942.  July 1942  "East Montpelier, Vermont. Marilyn Ormsbee is president of her 4-H Club, the Montpeleier Center Girls, where she learns how to sew and cook economically and well."  Fritz Henle, OWI.

JULY 16, 2014, MAD MEN: 1943--  March 1943  "New York, New York.  Madison Avenue on a rainy day.'  John Vachon, OWI.

JULY 14, 2014, TUNE-UP: 1942--  December 1942.  "Chicago, Illinois.  Locomotive under repair at the Chicago & Northwestern shops."  Jack Delano, OWI.

JULY 11, 2014, SANTA FE CATHEDRAL:  1943--  March 1943 "Fort Madison, Iowa Shopton locomotive shops of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fee railroad." Jack Delano, OWI.

I just wrote about this town in my Not So Forgotten: The War of 1812 blog.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Remains of U.S. Pilots Returned from India

From the April 13, 2016, Voice of America.

The remains of crew members of a B-24 bomber that crashed over the Himalaya Mountains while on a supply run in 1944, have been found. Also found were bones from a C-109 that crashed in the area in July 1945.

The remains are being taken to Honolulu for DNA testing.  This is all part of an ongoing effort to recover the remains of all MIA military personnel.

The U.S. Much Commended for This.  --GreGen

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pearl Harbor Survivors Honored at NAS Pensacola

From the April 14, 2016, by Sandra Averhart.

The four were honored Friday, April 15.  All are in their 90s.

Frank Edmond, 97, was from Pawtuxet, Rhode Island and on the USS Pennsylvania.
Cass Phillips
Jay Carraway
Bill Braddock, 93, from Louisiana and a Marine on Ford Island.

Always Nice to Write About Pearl Harbor Survivors When It Is Not About Their Deaths.  --GreGen

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Springfield's World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial

From the Springfield 2016 Visitors Guide.

This memorial honors the 987,000 men and women from Illinois who served their country during World War II.

The focal point is a 22-ton cast white, concrete globe with more than 70 stainless steel buttons signifying major battles and events of the war.  Two black granite walls are inscribed with details of the battles waged extend out from the globe.

Located near the Lincoln Tomb at 1500 Monument Avenue, Oak Ridge Cemetery.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

USS Oklahoma Sailor Finally Comes Home-- Part 2

Gordon Duff was 5'10", 163 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair.His next 20 years in the Navy, he served on a dozen or more ships including the USS Florida, Montana, Newburgh, Konabish, Reno, Blackhawk and Nevada.

In the late 1920s-early 1930s he was on China station and stationed in the Philippines 1930-1933.

David Jensen was at the service and is a great nephew of Duff Gordon.  He provided DNA that was a 99.8% match, to prove identity.

There does seem to be confusion as to Duff Gordon's last name.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

USS Oklahoma Sailor Finally Comes Home-- Part 1

From the April 7, 2016, Hudson (Wis) Star-Observer "A sailor comes home, Duff Gordon laid to rest" by Randy Hanson.

Duff Gordon was buried March 30 at Willow River Cemetery in Hudson.  he was one of the 429 who died December 7, 1941, on the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor.  He was 52 at the time, one of the oldest to die that day.

Many of the Oklahoma's sailors had only been in the Navy a year or less, and many still in their teens, but Mr. Gordon had already had a twenty-year Navy career and had also been in World War I.  After retirement, he entered the Naval Reserves and was in the 1940 call-up of all reservists.

On April 28, 1914, he was already 24 years and five months old when he enlisted in Minneapolis.  He had been born in Hudson on November 28, 1889 and grew up there.

Welcome Home, Sailor.  --GreGen

Shorpy Home Front Photos: Air Raid Rules

From the July 16, 2014,  AIR RAID RULES: 1942.  July 1942, "West Danville, Vermont.  Guy Davenport, 16, and Maynard Clark, 14, reading the air-raid instruction posted in Gilbert S. hasting's post office and general store."  By Fritz Henle, OWI.

Part of what they were reading:  "WHAT TO DO-- WHAT NOT TO DO:  This war is not like any other.  It may reach your street-- your home-- at any moment.  You may be fighting in the war tomorrow, or next month.

"Your government asks of you one simple thing, but one very important thing...Learn and remember what to do if enemy planes and bombs come."

Duck and Cover?  --GreGen

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 6: Gunboat Nanyo

Continued from the previous post Combined

Various secondary sources also state that the Nanyo (sometimes seen under the name Nanyo Maru, which would have been a freighter/transport ship) was the ex-British Bangor-class minesweeper Lyemun seized while under construction at Hong Kong when the Japanese occupied it.

It is believed that this vessel, or her sister ship Lantan became the Gyoshin Maru which survived the war.  Two other seized Bangor-class minesweepers seized while under construction at Hong Kong became the IJN minesweepers W-101 and W-102.

Several authoritative records, including NARA and GAKKEN, list the Nanyo as the ex Teh Hsing and we have made this assumption accordingly.

Lyemun or Teh Hsing?  --GreGen

HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 5: The Imperial Japanese Navy Gunboat Nanyo

From Combined

This is where there is some discrepancy.

1932--  Laid down at Kiangnan Shipyard as the Teh Hsing.

1941--  Captured by the Japanese at the fall of Hong Kong, 25 December 1941.

1943--  1 March 1943, officially requisitioned by the Japanese Navy and registered as an auxiliary gunboat and attached to Sasebo Naval District.  Begins conversion to gunboat at the IJN's No. 2 Repair Facility.

1943--  20 march 1943, conversion completed and renamed Nanyo.  Remains in Hong Kong being fitted out.  Once in service it went on quite a few cruises from June to December.

1943--  23 December 1943 in South China Sea, Mashi Tao (Matsu or Mazy) Island anchorage, off Foochow.  Major General Claire L. Chennault's 14th Air Force North American B-25 "Mitchell Medium Bombers sink the Nanyo with unknown casualties.


Monday, April 18, 2016

HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 4: Sunk Off Formosa Straits

From Navypedia.

Imperial Japanese Navy Nanyo, gunboat.

54.9 feet, 6.69 beam, two guns.

Former British minesweeper of Bangor class, demolished on the stocks by the British when Hong Kong was taken over by the Japanese in December 1941.

Taken over by the Japanese and launched in 1942.  Completed as a gunboat.  Its sister ships commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy minesweepers.

Sunk by American aircraft off Formosa Straits December 23 1943.


HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 3: One of Four British Minesweeper Being Build When Hong Kong Fell

From the Royal Navy Research and

The Imperial Japanese Navy gunboat Nanyo was later sunk in the Formosa Straits.  It was one of four Bangor-class minesweepers on the stocks when the Japanese captured Hong Kong on December 25, 1941.

The HMS Lantan was completed as the merchant ship Gyosel Maru in 1942.  Renamed the Shima Maru in 1943.  Survived the war.

HMS Taitam.  became the IJN minesweeper 101 in 1944.  Sunk by American aircraft off Cape Padarin 10 March 1945.

HMS Waglan became IJN minesweeper 102 in 1944.  Damaged by American aircraft off Keelung on 3 February 1945.  Returned to the Royal Navy after the war.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Death Notice of Willard Aves-- Part 2

Continued from yesterday.

A native of Sycamore, Willar Aves has resided most of his life in Kingston, Illinois.

Besides his father, survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Irene Glass of Kingston and Mrs. Mildred Miller of Herbert.  Willard's mother, Mrs. Mamie Glidden Aves, preceded her in death.


Charles John Aves  1875-1954

Mamie Melvina Glidden Aves  1885-1825  (Only child of Thomas Glidden  The Glidden name is famous in DeKalb County as Joseph Glidden is given credit for inventing barbed wire.  I am not sure if there was a relationship here.)

Sister--  Irene B. Aves 1920-2010.

All buried at Kingston Cemetery.


HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 2: Minesweeper/Gunboat


Minesweeper of the Bangor Class built at Hong Kong & Whampoa (Hong Kong).   Ordered 27 September 1940, laid down 22 July 1941.  Originally named HMS Looe, renamed HMS Lyemun in September 1941, while under construction.

Captured by the Japanese while still on the stocks in the fall of Hong Kong.  Completed by the Japanese and sunk by American aircraft on December 23, 1943.


HMS Looe/HMS Lyemun/IJN Nanyo-- Part 1:

I have been writing about the HMS Looe which sank in 1744 at Looe Key in the Florida Keys.  Nine of its cannons have been tentatively traced to a recreated Colonial fort in New York.  I also researched other ships in the Royal Navy by the name HMS Looe.  This is in my Cooter's History Thing Blog.

The seventh HMS Looe looked interesting and had a World War II connection, so did further research.

Wikipedia had it listed as it being a Bangor-class minesweeper laid down in 1941 and renamed the HMS Lyemun while still on the stocks, but captured that year by the Japanese and later completed as the Nanyo in 1943 and lost later that year.

On that information, I'd have to believe it was built and captured in either Hong Kong or Singapore.


USS Arizona Dock to be Replaced

From the April 13, 2016, Honolulu Civil Beat "USS Arizona Dock To be Replaced" by Bianca Smallwood.

It will be dismantled and removed June 13 to June 26.  The ship receives 1.8 million visitors a year and during this time period, it can only be seen from a boat ride.

But, the USS Bowfin submarine, USS Missouri and Pacific Aviation Museum will remain open.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Death Notice for Willard Aves-- Part 1

Death Notice in the Sycamore True American, Friday, January 23, 1942.

"The Navy Department on Monday confirmed the "death in action" in the Pearl Harbor raid of Seaman Willard Aves, 20 years old, son of Charles Aves of Kingston.

"Young Aves enlisted in the Navy four months after his graduation from Kingston High School in 1940.

At the time of the Pearl Harbor Raid of December 7, he was attached to the crew of an American battleship."


Willard Charles Aves: Find-A-Grave

From Find-A-Grave.

Birth: Unknown  Death: December 7, 1941.

There is a memorial for him at the Kingston Cemetery where his parents are buried.

He was born June 28, 1921, in Sycamore, DeKalb County, Illinois.

The American Legion Post in Kingston is named for him.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brothers Killed on the USS Arizona

There were 32 sets of brothers who died on the USS Arizona.  Of them, seven sets were from Illinois.


A Partial List of Illinois Casualties on the USS Arizona

From the USS Arizona Organization.

Alberovsky, Reynes Aceves--  Batavia
Apple, Robert William--  Sterling
Aves, Willard Charles--  Kingston
Bajorims, Joseph--  Born Illinois, hometown Pittsburg, Indiana

Bell, Hershel Homer
Bennett, William Edmond, Jr.
Bradley, Bruce Dean
Cabay, Louis Clarence

Clark, George Francis
Conlin, James Leo
Cox, Gerald Clinton
Dreesbach, Herbert Allen

Egnew, Robert Ross
Erskine, Robert Charles, USMC
Etchason, Leslie Edgar
Evans, Paul Anthony

Fitzsimmons, Eugene
Floege, Frank Norman
Gaultney, Ralph Martin
Giovezzo, Michael James

Good, Leland
Gosselin, Edward Webb


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Willard Charles Aves, KIA, December 7, 1941, USS Arizona

From the USS Arizona Org.

I was sorry to read that the writer of the letter mention yesterday from Kingston, Illinois, did not survive the attack.


Service Number:  300 19 18
Rate:  Fireman Second Class
Duties:  Fire and tend boilers.  operate, adjust and repair pumps.

Enlisted:  8 October 1940, Chicago, Illinois
On board USS Arizona, 9 December 1940 from NTS Great Lakes
DOB: 28 June 1921, Kingston, Illinois

Hometown/state Dec. 1941:  Kingston, Illinois
Next of kin:  Mr. Charles Aves, father, Kingston, Illinois
Disposition:  Unrecoverable

Posthumous Awards:  Purple Heart, American defense Service Medal w/Fleet Clasp, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal w'Star, WWII Victory Medal.

Sad to Find This.  --GreGen

Shorpy Home Front Photos: Milk Those Cows

JULY 25, 2014--  COW BOY: 1942--  July 1942.  "East Montpelier, Vt. Conrad Ormsbee with automatic electric milkers.  His father agreed to increase his Jersey herd from 25 to 30 milkers to aid in the Food for Freedom  Program."  Fritz Henle.

JULY 21, 2014--  ILLINOIS CENTRAL--  November 1942.  "Chicago, Illinois.  Engine taking on coal at the Illinois Central Railroad Yard."  Jack Delano, OWI.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Kingston, Illinois' Willard Aves Stationed on USS Arizona in March 1941

From the April 6, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back.

1941, 75 years ago. (March, 1941)

"A letter from Willard Aves who is with the navy on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, T.H. (Territory of Hawaii) to friends in Kingston, tells many of the interesting experiences he has had and some of the beautiful sights he has seen on his trip.  One of the the beautiful sights was the Aloha Tower near the waterfront in Pearl Harbor, where all the liners leave.

"As the fleet is there most of the time, sailors are, of course, everywhere; they go out for maneuvers for a week and are in port for a week.

"He says that 37% of the people are Japanese, only a few though they were born there, adopt to the ways of the whites but dress as their forefathers did and speak the same language."

Obviously, Willard Aves being posted on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor in March-April 1941, I had to find out what happened to him.  I'll let you know tomorrow.


So You Think You Know World War II: Here's a Quiz

You can play it at

It will take awhile to play it as you only get one question at a time.  There are 35 questions.  And, you can get a hint if you need it, but that will require you watching a short video from a sponsor and then they essentially give you the answer.  I used the hint twice

I ended up at getting 30 of 35 correct.  I missed the question about dictators, the Treaty of Alliance, the Bevin Boys and the British author who made broadcasts to America from Germany in 1941.

Some of the questions were relatively easy and others essentially impossible.  I did get a few correct on guesses.

They give you a short history behind each question after you've made your choice.

Can You Beat Me?  --GreGen

The USS North Carolina Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of Its Launching

From the April 9, 2016, Fox News (Wilmington, N.C.)

Active duty Marines and sailors were on board the ship Saturday demonstrating life on board the battleship during the war.

The North Carolina was launched 13 June 1940 and sponsored by the daughter of North Carolina Governor Clyde R. Hoey.  It was commissioned April 9, 1941 with Captain Olaf M. Hustvedt in command.

It was the first of the Navy's new class of fast battleships and first one launched in two decades as a result of naval treaties.

During its completion and sea trials, it received so much attention it got the nickname "The Showboat."


Friday, April 8, 2016

Dallas' Theater Row: The Majestic Theatre

From Wikipedia.

In the last post I mentioned the Shorpy Photograph taken in January 1942 along Dallas' Theater Row on Elm Street.  It was all alight, even with blackouts on in parts of the United States, evidently not here.

The Majestic Theatre is the last remnant of the city's Theater Row, the historic entertainment district along Elm Street.

It was constructed for $2 million in 1920 and opened in 1921.

Most of the other theaters and places of entertainment, evidently some of them a bit questionable, were gone by the 1970s.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: Fire-Eaters, Give Me Light, Garbage

JULY 30, 2014,  FIRE-EATERS: 1942--  December 1942, Chicago, Illinois.  "Working on a giant locomotive, one of the '400s; in the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad shops.  Jack Delano, OWI.

A really, really big locomotive to haul those supplies and troops across the country.

JULY 28, 2014, DALLAS NOIR: 1942--  January 1942.  "Elm Street Theater Row in Dallas."  the war's on, but lights are still on all over the place.

Comment:  Summer 1942 and blackout rules.  Evidently not here.

JULY 27, 2014, GARBAGE OUT:  1943--  May 1943, New York.  "Emptying garbage out into truck from Harlem apartment house."  Gordon Parks, OWI.

Even with a war on, the garbage still had to be picked up.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: Of Gliders and Trains

AUGUST 6, 2014, FLY ME TO THE MOON:  1942--  May 1942.  Parris Island, S.C.  "Marine Corps glider detachment training camp.  A glider wench."  Pat Terry and Alfred Palmer, OWI.

AUGUST 2, 2014, REAR BRAKEMAN: 1943-- March 1943.  "Walter V. Dew, rear brakeman on Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe between Chicago and Chillicothe, Illinois, watching the train from the cupola."  Jack Delano, OWI.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: School Lunches

FROM THE AUGUST 8, 2014--  CUISINE: 1943--  May 1943: Keysville Virginia.  Randolph Henry High School  "Typical lunch for 15 cents:  Candied yams, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, deviled eggs, dessert and milk.  Milk is free and children can drink all that they want.  By Philip Bonn, OWI.

AUGUST 8, 2014--  SCHOOL LUNCH, 1943--  May 1943.  Another shot.

Randolph Henry High School is in Charlotte County, Virginia.  It gets its name from a combination of the names of John Randolph and Patrick Henry.  It opened in 1938 and is still operating.

They have a plaque honoring students who served during World War II.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

DeKalb County Girds for War-- Part 2: Headquarters Company, 129th Infantry Leaves for Camp Forrest

March 1941, 75 years ago.

"One of the largest crowds ever assembled in this city in recent years bade goodbye to the Headquarters Company, 129th Infantry, on Wednesday afternoon at the Chicago and Northwestern depot in Sycamore.

"Nearly 2,000 persons were present to wish the former National Guardsmen good luck in their year of army service at Camp Forrest, Tenn., and the guardsmen were swamped at the station by a great number of relatives, friends and sweethearts who gathered there."


DeKalb County Girds For War: Dental Disability a Major Cause of Rejection of Draftees

From the March 30, 2016, DeKalb County (Illinois) MidWeek "Looking Back."

1941, 75 years ago.

"Army reports on the number and causes of rejections of draftees for physical disability will be used as a guide in intensification of public health work in Illinois, Dr. Robert R. Cross, director of the state department of public health announced this week.

Dental disability is one of the chief causes for the rejection of DeKalb county draftees, the local draft boards report."

Brush Those Teeth.  --GreGen

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Deaths in 2014: Richard Bolt, RNZAF

RICHARD BOLT Royal New Zealand Air Force officer.  Born 1923, died 27 July 2014.

Second World War bomber pilot and senior RNZAF officer in the postwar years until 1980.  His father was the pioneer New Zealand aviator George Bolt.

During the war, he served with the Pathfinder Force and flew Lancaster bombers.

Received the Distinguished Flying Cross in 1945.


Deaths in 2014: Lettice Curtis, English Female Aviator (ATA)

LETTICE CURTIS  (1915-July 21, 2014)

British female aviator who learned to fly in 1937.  In July 1940, became the first woman to join the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA).  She remained with it until 30 November 1945 where she primarily delivered training aircraft to the male pilots.

She was one of the first women to qualify to fly four engine bombers and was the first woman pilot to deliver an Avro Lancaster bomber.  She also flew the 222 Handley Page Halifax and 109 Short Stirlings.

Flew 13 days on and 2 off for 62 consecutive months.

Quite a Woman

Shorpy Home Front Photos:Conserving Rubber and Getting Copper

JUNE 5, 2014, ON A ROLL--  July 1942.  Conserving rubber.  This truck tire has run 146,000 miles.  It is now planned to retread it with a life expectancy of at least half the original mileage.  The tire is size 9.75 X 20, weighs 129 pounds and was run on an air pressure of 70 pounds.

"Miss Jean Spanitz, stenographer in the Division of Motor Transportation poses with the tire."  Albert Freeman, OWI.

Big old tire.  There simply were no new tires for most civilians and businesses.  You had to retread.

JUNE 2, 2014:  C U LATER: 1942--  November 1942:  "Conveyor belts carrying copper ore through a tunnel at the Magna mill of the Utah Copper Co..  Its plants and Magne & Arthur in Utah are treating vast quantities of the copper so vital for war purposes."  Andreas Feininger, OWI


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shorpy War Front Photos: Times Square on D-Day

JUNE 6, 2014, ON THE TOWN: 1944--  "Times Square and vicinity on D-Day.  Watching news line on New York Times Building."  OWI.

Two sailors are watching the news.

COMMENT:  One is in the Coast Guard.  The building also has air cooling.


Pearl Harbor Veteran Gets Special Salute in Final Month

From the June 6, 2015, Columbian "Off Beat: Pearl Harbor Survivor Gets Special Salute in Final Month" by Tom Vogt.

Martin Knapp died June 27, 2015, at 91.

He was on the USS Medusa, a Navy repair ship during the attack.  He always regarded himself as lucky as the Medusa was usually docked where the USS Utah was that day.  That ship was sunk, his was not.


Pearl Harbor Survivor's Death in 2015: David F. Lock

From June 20, 2015, 12 News, Houston "Last known Houston Pearl Harbor survivor dies."

David F. Luck, 95, was a U.S. Marine stationed on the battleship USS Pennsylvania.  He was in the mess hall when the attack came and said he didn't have time to be scared.

He grew up in Florida and joined the Civilian Conservation Corps before the Marines.  He fired a 50 caliber machine gun at the Japanese that day.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Pearl Harbor Veteran Death in 2015: Willis V. Avery, USS Solace

From the May 18, 2015, Las Vegas Review-Journal "Pearl Harbor attack survivor dies in Boulder City at 93" by Keith Rogers.

One of southern Nevada's last Pearl Harbor survivors, Willis V. Avery died May 13, at age 93.  He was a 19-year-old pharmacists mate from Vestal, New York, on the hospital ship USS Solace anchored near the USS Arizona.  As the Arizona sank, Mr. Avery scrambled along with others onto gigs and longboats to get the wounded and survivors out of the water.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Shorpy Home Front Photos: D-Day, June 6, 1944 at the Newsreel Theater

JUNE 6, 2014--  INVASION NEWS 1944--  June 6, 1944.  "New York, N.Y.. Times Square and vicinity on D-Day.  Howard Hollem, et al. for OWI.

Men gathering around bulletin board.  Headline:"Invasion" News, Embassy Newsreel Theatre.

Comment:  Newsreel Theaters meant getting quick news fast (for then)  This one which opened in 1929, the first with an all newsreel format.  Newsreels were on the wane after World War II and eventually dropped the word "Newsreel" from name.

The theater showed regular movies for the next 48 years before closing in 1997 and then reopening as the Times Square Visitors Center.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: A Variety

JUNE 11, 2014--  DEAR FOLKS: 1943--  July 1943.  "Greenville, South Carolina.  Air Service Command.  Writing a letter home.  Jack Delano, OWI.

JUNE 9, 2014--  HOT BOX: 1943--  1943.  "Melbourne, Australia.  U.S. Army hospital.  Patient receiving treatment in the new fever machine which keeps temperature at 107 degrees (108 degrees is fatal).  Note ice in the basin to cool the man's head."  Jo Fallon, OWI.

JUNE 27, 2014--  TAVERN ON THE GREEN: 1944--  January 5, 1944.  "Tavern on the Green, Central park, NYC.  Christmas exterior."  Arthur Schleifer, client.


Shorpy Home Front Photos: Riding the Rails and Kicking the Ball

JUNE 17, 2014  TROOP TRAIN: 1943--  March 1943--  "Grants, New Mexico.  Passing a troop train stopping for coal and water on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe between Belen and Gallup."  Jack Delano, OWI.  Moving troops coast-to-coast.

Jack Delano rode the rails a whole lot.

JUNE 12, 2014--  CROSSING GUARD: 1943--  March 1943--  Topock, Arizona (vicinity)  Military sentry at a bridge over the Colorado River along Santa Fe Railroad between Seligman, Arizona, and Needles, California.  Jack Delano, OWI

These above two photos are from the vicinity of Route 66.

JUNE 12, 2014--  THE P.E. CUP: 1943--  Oct. 1943.  Washington, D.C..  "Playing soccer at Woodrow Wilson High School.  Esther Bubley, OWI.  Keeping the kids healthy.


10 Valiant Diplomats of World War II-- Part 2

5.  Selahattin Ulkumen of Turkey

4.  Angelo Rotta of the Vatican

3.  Gilberto Bosques Saldivar of Mexico

2.  Friedrich Born--  Red Cross of Switzerland

1.  Jose Castelanos Contreras of Salvador

These people saved thousands of Jewish and refugee lives from the Nazis.  Read what they did.


10 Valiant Diplomats of World War II-- Part 1

From the October 7, 2013, Listverse.

As always, I generally list these people.  Go to Listeverse for pictures and the information.

10.  Prince Constantin Karadja of Romania

9.  Carl Lutz of Switzerland

8.  Kiram Bingham, IV of United States

7.  Aracy de Varvalho Guimaraes Rosa of Brazil

6.  Archbishop Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli of the Vatican.