Friday, September 12, 2014

Wilmington, N.C., At War-- Part 1: War Off the Coast

From the April 4, 2012, Wilmington (NC) Star-News "Back Then"  by Scott Nunn.

I really looked forward to reading Mr. Nunn's trip back through the newspapers of 70 years earlier and the interesting tidbits that he found about Wilmington's homefront.  Sadly, he rarely does these any more.  I'd like to volunteer to continue these posts, but live too far away.

MARCH 16, 1942:  The war really got close when a group of oil-stained and seared men were brought to Wilmington's Dosher Hospital.  they were eleven of twenty-six survivors of an oil tanker sunk of the southeast coast of North Carolina by a U-boat.

The Star noted that this story had been delayed 24 hours by Navy censorship rules.


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