Thursday, October 13, 2016

Frederick Morin Survived the Pearl Harbor Attack

From the June 26, 2016, Newark (Ohio) Advocate  "Frederick Morin was born October 30, 1921, in Licking County, Ohio.  He graduated from Newark High School in 1938 and joined the Navy on December 12, 1940.  When the Japanese attacked the fleet he was on the USS Nevada.

He remembered:  "I was a second loader on the five-inch anti-aircraft gun.  Eventually we ran out of ammunition so the gun captain sent me and another guy down below to an ammunition hoist to bring up some more..

"I had just loaded the first round in the hoist, pushed the button, and a bomb came down through the laundry and went off.  The guy that came down with us was killed.  It blew me against the outward bulkhead.  When I came to, my skivvy undershirt was on fire.  I tore it off and got out of there.  I was running and my arm was bleeding badly from shrapnel."

He was in the hospital for 4-5 days.

Mr. Morin served aboard the USS Nevada for the rest of the war and died August 30, 1988.

The Navy, however. misprinted his name as "Moran" when he enlisted.


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