Friday, February 17, 2017

Pentagon Launches Effort to Identify Crew Members Lost on the USS Turner

From the February 12, 2017, Portland (Oregon) Press Herald "Pentagon launches effort to solve World War II ship mystery" by Chrisd Carola, AP.

An explosion caused the destroyer USS Turner to sink near New York Harbor and nearly 130 of its crew of almost 300 were listed as missing and still are.  According to the research of Ted Darcy, a World War II researcher, at least four of them are buried at a Long Island cemetery, and perhaps most if not all of the rest.

The Pentagon is now looking into it.

The USS Turner was 10-months old at the time and sank off Sandy Hook, New Jersey, on January 3, 1944, after a series of explosions rocked the ship.  The Navy could not determine the cause of the initial blast, but did find that munitions were being handled below deck at the time.


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