Thursday, April 26, 2018

How Well Do You Know World War II Slang-- Part 4: What Was a Mae West?

Continued from November 9, 2017.  To see the first three, hit the label "slang".

13.  WHAT WAS A HERSHEY BAR?--  Hershey bars were actually used in parts of Europe as an exchange.  Sometimes, prostitutes would settle for a Hershey bar.

14.  WHAT WAS A D-RATION?   Dirt Bag.  Vitamins in blocks of chocolate.

15.  MAE WAST WAS NOT ONLY A FAMOUS ACTRESS, BUT SOLDIERS ALSO USED HER NAME TO DESCRIBE WHAT?  An inflatable life jacket invented by Peter  Markins in 1920 and patented in 1928.


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