Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fourth Mission of the Day-- Part 1: "Operation Jubilee" the Attack on Dieppe Aug. 19, 1942

From the Paralyzed Veterans of America 2018 Heroes of the Air Calendar.

This features the artwork of Gil Cohen.


The 19th of August 1942 is remembered as the date of the ill-fated "operation Jubilee", in which the joint British/Canadian amphibious assault against German troops on the French coast at the harbor of Dieppe.

Air cover was provided by the greatest armada of aircraft assembled for battle up to that time.  That day has been described as an almost continuous melee of close aerial combat:  aircraft of both sides spiraling toward the sea; planes colliding in mid-air; ships burning and sinking in the harbor and along the Channel coast was a pall of smoke covering the entire scene below.


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