Thursday, May 2, 2019

USS Grebe (AM-43)-- Part 2: Pacific Cruises and Destroyed By a Hurricane

On January 24, 1942, the Grebe towed a fuel oil barge to Palmyra Island, then back to Honolulu where she remained until fall.  On 30 September, the Grebe joined a convoy to Johnston Island and then towed two vessels to Canton Island.

On 6 December 1942, the Grebe grounded while trying to float  the SS Thomas A. Edison at Vuata Vatoa Island in the Fiji Islands.  Salvage efforts were broken up  by a hurricane which destroyed both ships on 1-2 January 1943.

I am unable to find out any information on the Grebe's shipwreck or  the SS Thomas A. Edison.


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