Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bits of War: Marines-- Mines and Bombs

1.  MARINES--  There was a good article by Beth Crumley in the Huffington Post on December 22, 2011, "I'll Be Home for Christmas--Marines in WWII."  It was about the Marines at Wake Island who weer attacked on December 8, 1941 and held out for 15 days against incredible odds.

2.  MINES AND BOMBS--  December 22, 2011, UPI "World War II mines still a threat in Germany."

Land mines set out during the war are decaying, becoming unstable and exploding as happened with two that went off spontaneously in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

Plus, there is the problems with bombs that failed to explode back then.  One that exploded December 14th made a hole 33 feet deep.  Earlier in the month, 45,000 were evacuated in Kolbenz while experts disarmed a 1.8 ton British bomb found in the Rhine River.

Germans will be dealing with these for years to come.

Watch Where You Walk.  --GreGen

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