Thursday, May 26, 2016

Final USS Tennessee Reunion

From the May 19, 2016, WBIR NBC "World War II veterans gather at Scott County museum for final reunion."

Seven U.S. Navy veterans who served on the USS Tennessee during World War II met in Scott County, Tennessee.  The museum id dedicated to the USS Tennessee, and, because of advancing age and illness, they have decided this will be the last reunion.

The museum is on the grounds of Scott High School and was built by the students and houses the largest collection of USS Tennessee artifacts in the world.

Bill Maytaugh's pea coat is on display there.  Bill Bishop was on the ship during the attack at Pearl Harbor where he picked up a fragment of a Japanese bomb as a souvenir and it also is on display.

Gerald "Buddy" McCaskell, 90, came from College Station, Texas and was 18 when he joined the Navy, having never seen an ocean before then.

They took a nice group  picture of the group.


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