Friday, December 15, 2017

For Pearl Harbor Unknowns, A Final Rest-- Part 3: "Everyone Has the Right to Have Their Names Back"

Researchers using genealogical records to track down descendants who could provide DNA samples.  These samples are crossed with DNA pulled from the skulls and teeth of the servicemen to find a match.

So far, according to Captain Edward A Reedy, a medical doctor who is lab director for the POW/MIA Accounting Agency, research teams have found strong DNA or dental evidence for nearly 350 of the 388 sailors and Marines from the USS Oklahoma.

The oil from the stricken ship has helped to preserve the bones and Reedy is confident that the teams will identify nearly 310 of the servicemen by the time the project is scheduled to end in 2020.

This article is from December 7, 2016.  Just recently the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command has released a report that they have now identified 100 of the men.

"In my line of work, there is no higher honor than returning a missing individual to their loved ones,"  Reedy said.  "Everyone has a right to have their names back.  It's been nearly 75 years since they have had their names back.  It is about time they do."


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