Friday, November 15, 2019

Post-Service Words and Acronyms-- Part 1: Mustering-Out Money, GI Bill and College and 52-20 Club

These were some terms that came into use more after the war was over.


If you served overseas, after you were mustered out, you received $300.  If your whole service was stateside, you received $200.



For college, you received one year plus the time you served.  If you served for two years, you had there years for college.

However, a college year was less than 12 months.  If you used your GI Bill to purchase college books, that was subtracted from the time you were awarded.  To contend with this, when a course required three books, three of us purchased one book apiece and shared books.


52-20 CLUB

To help veterans  financially, the government provided $20 for 52 weeks.


A Big Help Back Then.  --GreGen

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