Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Honolulu's World War II Landmarks-- Part 1

From the December 10, 2011, Seattle Times "Honolulu landmarks offer glimpse of wartime period" by Gary A. Warner of the Orange County Register.

Most people know about the Pearl Harbor aspect of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, but there are places still standing from the war in Honolulu.  Here are some of them:

The MOANA SURFRIDER luxury hotel on the beach at Waikiki is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year (2011).

The ROYAL HAWAIIAN "The Pink Palace of the Pacific" opened in 1927 and served as a recreational facility for servicemen during the war.  Like at the MOANA, its beachfront was strung with barb wire during the war.

ALOHA TOWER, 184-feet tall and the tallest building in Honolulu when it opened in 1926 and up until the 60s.  Made the NRHP in 1976.

There Is More World War II in Honolulu.  -- GreGen

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