Friday, April 12, 2013

The Japanese Submarine I-70-- Part 2

Continued from March 18th.  From the Combine Fleet site.

This is the Japanese submarine that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor and is considered to be the first Japanese ship (other than the mini submarines) sunk by the U.S. in the war and the first sunk by American planes.

This is a timeline of its movements until it disappeared and presumed sunk.

20 November 1941--  Arrives at Kwajalein, refuels and reprovisions.

23 Nov. 1941--  Departs for Hawaii

2  Dec. 1941--  Coded signal "Climb Mt. Niitake 1208 received.  Hostilities set to commence 8 Dec., Japanese time.

7 Dec. 1941--  The I-70s SubDiv 12 to patrol 25-50 miles from south of Oahu.  they were to reconnoiter and attack any American ship making a sortie from Pearl Harbor.  The I-70 stationed ten miles from entrance.  At midnight fails to answer a radio call from Katori.

The Part of Pearl Harbor You Don't Hear About.  --GreGen

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