Friday, April 5, 2013

Texas' Kenedy Detention Camp

From the Handbook of Texas Online and Densho Encyclopedia.

The camp was located in Kenedy, Texas (spelled with the one "n," not two like I originally thought) and originally would hold only men whose families had been sent elsewhere.  The Army took over it in 1944 and it became a POW camp.  Before the war, it had been the J.M. Nichols Civilian Conservation Corps camp.

In April 21, 1942, the first internees arrived: 456 Germans, 156 Japanese and 14 Italians.  Most of the Japanese were from Mexico.  The Germans and Italians were from Central and South America.

A book has been written on the camp by Robert H. Thonoff.

Hadn't Heard of It before.  --GreGen

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