Thursday, October 11, 2018

Horace Bud Carlsen Obituary-- Part 1: Died in 1943, Unknown Until 2018

From the October 7, 2018, Chicago Tribune Obituaries.

While reading Sunday's Chicago Tribune I happened to glance at the obituaries.  I usually don't look at the obituaries in the Tribune when people have to pay for them as they are too short.  I want to know about the lives of the people.  This one was a lot longer than most and then in the second sentence read that he had died on November 20, 1943.

OK. that was a long time ago and 1943 would mean World War II.  Then I saw he died at the Battle of Tarawa.  And, he was from the Chicago area.

And then, I thought to myself that the Tribune had definitely missed a good story here.  But, today, I see the story made front page.  Many Marines who died in that battle were never identified and buried as unknowns.

Here's hoping the U.S. government will start work on identifying these people as they have the Oklahoma unknowns.


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