Tuesday, October 9, 2018

USS Amethyst (YPc-3)-- Part 1: The Second of Willits J. Hole's Yachts Acquired by Navy

From Wikipedia.

Willits Hole had two ships built by the name Samona and sold the first one to buy the second one.  The first one was renamed Elvida by its new owner.  Both the Elvida and the second Samona became yard patrol craft for the U.S. navy during World War II.

Formerly the yacht Samona II.  Launched 1931.  Acquired by Navy 1940 and commissioned 1941.  Purchased from Willets Hole.

147-feet long, 24  foot 10 inch beam, two guns and depth charge racks.

Built by the Craig Shipbuilding Co., Long Beach, California.  Converted to naval service by same company.  Commissioned 27 February 1941.


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