Thursday, October 18, 2018

Visiting Europe's Fascist Sites-- Part 3: Germany

"Inspired by Mussolini and buoyed by the Great Depression in 1929, Hitler's similar promises of a better life gained traction in Germany."

For the Nazi's, this was especially to center on the city of Nurnberg, nicknamed the "most German of German cities.  It was a favorite of Hitler to showcase his nationalistic pomp and pageantry and where he held those grand rallies you always see in documentaries.

The Rally Grounds consist of four square miles southeast of Nurnberg's Old Town.  Zeppelin Field was the site of those rallies.  Today, the stark remains are "thought provoking."

You can also see the unfinished Congress Hall which now is the site of the Documentation Center Museum.  This is the largest surviving example of Nazi architecture.  Hitler modeled the building on Rome's Colosseum, only on an even grander scale.

The Documentation Center traces the evolution of the Nationalist Socialist movement and how it both energized and terrified the German people.


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