Monday, August 4, 2014

World War II Veteran Markets Digital "Taps"-- Part 2

Bill Welton sold two recently in Indianapolis at the American Legion's state convention.  The host hotel bought one as it often hosts veteran groups.

He figures he got about 100 prospects, mostly Legionnaires interested in having one installed at their posts.

Wellman has a history of attention getting marketing schemes who over the years has owned bars, a bowling alley, a hotel and a dinner theater.  His promotions have involved an elephant, Orville Reddenbacher and an American Indian who briefly lived in a tepee in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn.

He came up with the idea after catching a TV news story about a man in Tacoma, Washington, who played "Taps" every evening.  His hometown of Valparaiso has been playing taps every night at dusk (I imagine on one of Wellman's machines).


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