Wednesday, April 5, 2017

George Ray Tweed, Eluded Japanese for 2 Years 7 Months on Guam

From Wikipedia.

This comes about because he appeared on the an old TV show "To Tell the Truth" earlier today on the Game Show Network.  I didn't see it, but Liz did and told me about it, knowing I would be interested.  I'll have to see the next time it is shown.

(July 2, 1902-January 16, 1989)

Decorated U.S. Navy radio man, famous for evading Japanese capture for two years and seven months after the U.S. garrison on Guam island surrendered in 1941.

He enlisted in the Navy in 1922 and was sent to Guam in 1939.

As war loomed on the horizon, his family was sent back to the States in October 1941.  The Japanese invaded the island December 8, 1941.  Guam's garrison consisted of 155 Marines, aided by a force of 200 islanders and 400 Navy personnel untrained for combat.

It wasn't much of a fight.  However, George Tween and five others decided not to surrender and slipped off into Guam's jungle.

Very interesting story of his escapades at Wikipedia.


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