Monday, April 3, 2017

Omaha Pearl Harbor Survivor Dies At 95

From the March 30, 2017, Omaha (Nebraska)  World-Herald "Omaha man who survived Pearl Harbor attack dies at 95" by Steve Liewer.

(May 19, 1921-March 26, 2017)

Howard Linn was on the nearby USS Nevada when the USS Arizona exploded.  It blew out his eardrums.  Sixty died on the Nevada during the attack and Mr. Linn was one of the 109 wounded.  The Nevada, of course, was the only battleship to get underway that day and the one that made the dash to get out of harm's way.

He was a petty officer 1st class and remembers pieces of the Arizona coming through his ship's portholes.  No one around him on a lower deck at the time was hit, but he said that every man topside was killed.

When later asked by an officer as to how he was doing, Mr. Linn replied that he was concerned About his dad who was working in the fire room of one of the absent carriers.  His dad had enlisted in the Navy after serving in the Army during World War I.

There is a video showing the five remaining crew members of the USS Nevada.


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