Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shorpy Home Front Photos: Being Poor and Interracial Activity

March 31, 2017  TOY STORY: 1943:  July 1943.  Washington, D.C.  "A child whose home is in an alley dwelling near the U.S. Capitol."  Esther Bubley, OWI.  A black child sitting in a pile of debris.

Being poor did not take a vacation during the war.  Sad to have such squalor so close to the Capitol.

March 31, 2017:  SPLINT IN A TENT: 1943:  August 1943.  Southfields, New York.  "Interracial activities at Camp Nathan Hale where children are aided by the Methodist Camp Service.  First aid."  By Gordon Parks, OWI.

White and black boys in a tent where the black boy is putting on a splint or bandage on the white boy.


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