Wednesday, April 5, 2017

World War II Graveyard Off North Carolina Coast-- Part 1

From CBS Sunday Morning "World War II graveyard off the American coast."

This is a slide show, mostly on pictures of the German submarine U-576 and the SS Bluefields.  The German U-boat sank the Bluefields and within a short time, was sunk itself very close to its victim.

Slide Show:

1.  The wreck of the USS Monitor from the Civil War.

2.  The SS Dixie Arrow, sunk March 26, 1942 by another U-boat during Germany's Operation Drumbeat to destroy Allied shipping along the U.S. East and Gulf coasts.  In the first eight months of 1942, 400 Allied ships were sunk.  Off the North Carolina coast, 80 were sunk.

3.  The U-576 attacked the KS-520 Convoy on July 15, 1942.  It sank the Bluefields and then was sunk itself.


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