Saturday, July 1, 2017

10 Bizarre World War II Weapons That Were Actually Built-- Part 2: The Sturmtiger

From the February 25, 2016, Listverse by Sam Derwin.

10.  Touchpanzer--  Germany.  For use in Operation Sea Lion (the invasion of Britain).  A tank that could actually dive.

9.  DD Tank--  Allies--  tanks that could float.  Actually used at D-Day without much success.

8.  Karl-Gerat--  Germany--  A super gun.  Could fire a 4000 pound shell three miles.

7.  Sturmtiger--  Germany--  for urban fighting, a heavily armored vehicle with a rocket launcher.

6.  The Zueno Project--  Soviet Union--  A plane that could carry other planes.

You can find photos and more information at the Listverse site.

What Will They Think Of Next?  --GreGen

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