Monday, July 3, 2017

Veteran of USS Flasher Dies in 2016-- Part 2: Loved That Strawberry Ice Cream

On the submarine USS Flasher, Mr. Sherman worked in electronics.  It was his job to keep the sub's radar, sonar and radio going.  He was one of 60 men on it.

After the war he was in corporate industry.

He remembers that his favorite dessert was strawberry ice cream.  After each sea battle, the cook would break out frozen strawberries and bake up some shortcake to celebrate.  He really loved that celebration.

The USS Flasher was scrapped in 1963.  Its cunning tower was saved and is on display at the National Submarine memorial and Wall of Honor at Groton, Connecticut, which honors the 3,500 submariners who lost their lives in World War II.

Mr. Sherman said, "You find that after you've been at sea for awhile, the officers smell about the same as you do.  You're all one big family."


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