Friday, July 28, 2017

Just Got Back From Seeing the Movie "Dunkirk"

If you haven't yet seen it, definitely do so.  I'd put it up for an Academy Award for Best Picture as well as other nominations.  Outstanding.  We even had applause at the end of it, something I've rarely heard.

There wasn't much dialogue, but the story wasn't hard to follow, involving the land, air and sea.  Of course, the fleet of small pleasure and work boats which came over were featured and there was a whole "Red Badge of Courage" thing going on with the first man the Moonstone rescued as well as the two main characters, one of whom turned out to be a French soldier wearing British clothing.  The British weren't rescuing French soldiers until all the British ones were off.

How hard was it to get away from Dunkirk?  I doubt that anyone had it harder than the main pair.

Plenty of wonderful war quotes as well.

All I can say is that the British destroyers sure couldn't take a hit and sank, as did all the ships in the movie, very fast.  A bomb or torpedo hit and down you went within a few minutes.

And those lines of British soldiers just standing there calmly.  The man in the one line pushing away the floating body and the man walking into the English Channel and trying to swim it.  The list goes on of memorable scenes.

Well Worth Seeing.  --GreGen

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