Friday, February 14, 2014

How Did the Home Get From Muskegon to Casnovia?

That got me interested in the story. I have done a lot of research on Wilmington, North Carolina, and its wartime experience with the thousands of workers who came ans where they were housed. Perhaps there was a big war industry in Muskegon and this could be classified wartime housing? I had to delve further into it. //// Perhaps Edward Kissel served in the military and these letters were written to Virginia from overseas. She might have worked at a war industry (perhaps a Rosie the Riveter?) I Yahooed Muskegon and found a not-complete list of servicemen from Muskegon County at the Genealogical Society. It didn't have Edward Kissel on the list (but again, they even admitted it wasn't complete). Maybe they both worked at a war-time industry? //// I'll See What I Can Find About Muskegon During the War and Maybe Something About the House That Moved. --GreGen

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