Friday, February 28, 2014

Muskegon World War I Plants and Housing

Not only was Muskegon the "Arsenal of Democracy" in World War II, but it also played a role in World War I in which the city's main war production plants were Continental Motor, Lingerman Steel & Machinery Co. and Brunswick, Balke, Collander Co., //// They all did war work. ///// In addition, there were two major 1919 Housing Projects: the 248 detached units of the Schoenberg Tract and 30 detached units at the McGraft Tract (on the McGraft farm). //// I doubt that any of these two tracts were the ones was the Kissell home (Feb. 14th post). The Kissell home was detached and moved to Casnovia, Michigan, at some point after World War II. //// My Next Post on This Blog Will Be #1000!! --GreGen

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