Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some More Shorpy Photos-- Part 1

From the website. //// Some more pictures of the U.S. homefront during the war. //// 1-24-14 THE WALLFLOWERS-- 1943: June 1943 "Glouceseter, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lopez. They have two boys in the armed service. He is a fish skinner in the Gorton-Pew Fishing." Photo by Gordon Parks, Office of War Information (OWI). //// 1-19-14 PLANE SPOTTING-- 1942: July 1942: Training high school boys to identify planes. There's no question about these young people's ability to recognize airplanes by their silhouettes. They're learning this and other essential facts of aviation at Weequahie Hig School, Newark, New Jersey, in a course designed to teach students the fundamentals of flying." OWI They are looking at silhouettes of planes on the ceiling. Many interesting comments from former spotters. //// This training was good both for defense and for future pilots who were always in big demand as the war progressed. //// --GreGen

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