Tuesday, August 1, 2017

About That Movie "Dunkirk"-- Part 2: Very Little Dialogue

"Dunkirk" is a risk for Warner Brothers because it doesn't have the usual marketing hooks of major American movie stars, ancillary tie-ins and presold brand awareness.  It is also not about the United states.

The movie itself defies conventional war movies.  Its scale is immense, playing out on land, sea and the air., but the narrative is lean.  There is not much talking.  The cast is a blend of established and newcomers, but again, there is relatively little dialogue and virtually no back-story to explain how they got to Dunkirk.

Director Christopher Nolan said, "Telling the story primarily pictorially and through sound and music rather than having people talk about who they are and where they're from, that was very attractive to me."

The line of British soldiers standing in the water in orderly lines and then a body comes drifting up and the one man getting out of line and pushing it away with no dialogue told a huge story for me.


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