Wednesday, August 2, 2017

About That Movie "Dunkirk"-- Part 5: A Victory Within A Defeat"

Christopher Nolan's grandfather on his father's side had died in World War II while serving in the Royal Air Force, and, growing up, Nolan had steeped himself in the history of the conflict.  The idea of recounting the story of Dunkirk seemed like a thrilling challenge.

He said:  "There's something very unique about the nature of the denouement.  As Churchill put it, it's a victory within a defeat."

I am going to go back to see it again.  It is one of those movies you need to see twice and on a big screen.  I am also reading the TimeLife magazine on Dunkirk and it even goes into greater detail on the victory with a defeat.  A lot of scenes from the movie came from pictures in this magazine.


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