Friday, August 4, 2017

Why We Can't Stop Watching World War II Movies: "Dunkirk"

From the July 27, 2017, New York Post   "Maureen Callahan:  Why we can't stop watching films about World War II"

"Dunkirk" is doing real well at the box office, earning $56 million in its first three days.

"Why has a drama about one of World War II's lesser-known battles resonated so deeply?"  Even though there is almost no dialogue and under two hours long?  Well, first off, it is not one of the lesser-known battles for people who know about the war.  It might have even won the war.

One reason World War II movies do so well is that it remains one of the more clear-cut examples of good vs. evil.

There are still no end of untold stories to make movies about.

The Civil War still has litigation going on, and to my way of thinking is still being fought. World War I lacked American support and has always been overshadowed by World War II.  (I don't agree with the first part of the statement.)

Vietnam was a catastrophe, but we learned our lessons from it, at least until we got mired down in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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