Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kenneth Sprankle-- Part 1: The Pilot Who Died in the P-40 41-13297's Crash

From the Wanderling.

Kenneth Wayne Sprankle was born April 26, 1914 and died January 24, 1942.  He was born in Cloe, Pennsylvania and moved to West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1932 and graduated from West Lafayette High School in 1932.  Next, he attended Purdue University and was a member of the Class of 1938.

Flight training began for him in the summer of 1938 at Randolph Field, Texas, and he received his wings at Kelly Field in 1939.

Assigned initially to Selfridge Field in Michigan, he transferred to Hawaii and survived the Japanese attack there December 7, 1941.  He died a month and a half later in an accident.


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