Saturday, September 2, 2017

LST-779-- Part 1: (1944-1946) Last American Ship to See the USS Indianapolis

From the U.S. naval History and Heritage Command.

Last week I wrote that this was the last American ship to see the USS Indianapolis.  It operated 1944-1946.

328 feet long, 50 foot beam, 11.6 knots, crew of 117.  Could carry equipment and 163 troops.

It was laid down 21 May 1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and launched 1 July 1944.  It took just 41 days from when it was laid down to launch.  That's pretty fast.  Because of it being launched into a river, it slid sideways into it.

It was commissioned in New Orleans 3 August 1944  Its commander was Lt. (j.g.) Joseph A. Hopkins, USNR.


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