Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sycamore Vet Recounts Pearl Harbor-- Part 3: Brother Wayne Was Looking for His Brother's Body

Burton Miller was out of high school and studying in college, but his brother Wayne was not yet old enough to enlist in the military.  "We had to lie a little bit [about Wayne's age]," Burton said.

Wayne's job at Wheeler Air Field at the time of the attack was outfitting men with parachutes, so he was tasked with identifying bodies based on their parachute numbers.

"[Wayne] was down at one of the hangars that they had converted into a morgue, and he was going through looking for his brother," Bruce said.

Burton Miller was stationed in Hawaii for two years after the attack.

"The rest of the two years was like heaven," Burton said.  "It rained every other day.  It could've been worse, and it was worse in Belgium."


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