Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society-- Part 2: Started in 1904

From their site.

In 1904, several Naval officers, wives of Naval officers and civilian friends saw the need for a more formal and organized assistance to Naval personnel.  The Society incorporated on January 23 with initial funding coming from the proceeds of the 1903 Army-Navy Football game.

In its first year, the Society gave $9,500 to widows and families of enlisted men.

During World War I, military pay was often delayed and the Society began an interest free loan program for Navy and Marine Corps personnel.  Eventually this expanded to help with other needs such as medical bills.

Anticipating personnel needs of World War II, President Roosevelt authorized a public appeal for support to benefit the military relief organizations.

The national fundraising effort helped establish the Society's Reserve Fund in 1942.  The Dubuque Navy Day on August 23, 1942, was part of this effort.

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