Sunday, September 23, 2018

Some More Oklahoma Unknowns Identified:


Age 22.  Radioman from Rushford, North Dakota.  Enlisted in Navy April 23, 1940 at a salary of $54 a month.  The first torpedo hit the Oklahoma near the radio room so it is likely he was killed immediately.

A service held for him on July 7, 2018.

There are still 79,000 service personnel unaccounted for from World War II.


Age 23.  Seaman 1st Class.  Born December 28, 1918, in New London, Minnesota.  Joined Navy May 7, 1940, for a four year tour of duty.  Basic training at Great Lakes  Naval Base assigned to USS Oklahoma as a cook, specifically as a baker.

The day before the attack, he had been on shore leave and had purchased and sent Christmas presents home..  The presents arrived the same day as the telegram saying he was missing in action.  The family received official notification of his death in February 1942.

It Is A Great Thing Our Government Is Doing.    --GreGen

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