Monday, November 4, 2013

HMCS Nanaimo (K101)

From Wikipedia. Back on Oct. 25th, I wrote about the SS Port Nicholson being sunk by a U-boat and supposedly carrying one of the largest treasures ever in a sunken ship. The crew was rescued by the Royal Canadian Corvette Nanaimo.

It was named for Nanaimo, British Columbia, and commissioned 26 April 1941 and served until 28 September 1945. It was a Flower-class corvette, 205-feet long and mounting 4-inch guns, machine guns and depth charges.

After commissioning, it did escort duties from Halifax, Canada, for three months. In October 1941, it transferred to the Newfoundland Command and escorted convoys from St. John's to Iceland. In March 1942, the Nanaimo was assigned to the Western Local Escort Force and on June 10, 1942, picked up 86 survivors from the British merchant ship SS Port Nicholson which had been torpedoed by the U-87 northeast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

In November 1944, it was ordered to Pacific Command and after the war was sold for commercial conversion and became the whale catcher Rene W. Viake. It was broken up in South Africa in 1966.

The Story of a Ship. --GreGen

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