Sunday, June 2, 2019

Dropping Into Normandy-- Part 2: Of Puke and Hit Planes

Reminiscences of Paratroopers.

Getting out of the planes proved problematic as well.

LESLIE KICK, 82nd--  "Then we were going out, slipping on puke but keeping our balance by holding tight to the static line snap."

ED BOCCAFOGLI, 82nd--  "I fell out.  I slipped on vomit.  Some guys were throwing up from nerves, and as we pivoted out my feet went out from under me, and I went upside down."

VIRGIL DANFORTH, 101st--  "As we stood in the door, ready to jump, our plane took a close one, which threw men down in the door in such a way that my head was outside and my shoulder was inside and I was wedged in this position so I couldn't get up.  With the help of the man behind me, I finally managed to dive head first out of the door."

JACK SCHLEGEL, 82nd--  "I recall that I was the ...last to leave the plane ... the plane was going down.  I moved out as fast as I could to get out and, after bailing out, saw the plane go up in a ball of flame."

Mighty Scary (And Messy).  --GreGen

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