Friday, June 5, 2015

Battled Subs From a Blimp-- Part 2: Low and Slow

Richard Wrigley spent three months learning about blimps.  He was assigned to Fleet Airship Wing 2, ZP-21 based out of Richmond Lighter Than Air Station, 20 miles south of Miami, Florida, where he spent most of his time patrolling off the coast of Florida and in the Caribbean Sea.

German U-boats had to surface for eight hours to recharge their batteries which they did mostly at night while on patrol.

German submarines were well-armed with anti-aircraft guns by 1943 and would even fight B-24s.

Only one blimp was shot down by the Germans during the war.

Blimps had a crew of eight and flew, as they said, low and slow, usually just 750 feet above the water.


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