Monday, June 1, 2015

Failed Attempt to Return 10 Japanese Photographs-- Part 3

But Tomohiro Harada didn't give Bib Brown much hope that the families of the the subjects would be found., citing the many years that had passed.

This turned out to be the case for Mr. Brown.  A couple months ago, he received a letter from the Japanese government saying they had been unable to find the families.

They offered to send the photos back but he said, "Keep them."  But asked what would happen, hoping they would just be tossed into the trash.  Their reply was most likely they would go to a museum or archive.

Last month, he was moved by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologizing for his nation's actions during World War II.

So, on this Memorial Day, Bob Brown was going to pl;ace an American flag on the grave of his father and give thanks to all veterans.  But, at the same time he was going to think about the rank-and-file Japanese soldiers who dearly loved their country and died following it.

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