Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fort Armstrong, Hawaii

From Wikipedia

This was a follow up on my October 2, 2013, entry on the death of Pearl Harbor survivor Gordy Caza.

Coast Artillery fort built in 1907 and named after General Samuel C. Armstrong..  Built in Honolulu in fill over a reef to protect the harbor..  It had one named battery and spread out over 64 acres.

Battery Tienon had two pedestal mounted 3-inch guns from 1911 to 1943.

The 1st Coast Artillery Company and then the 104th Mine Company was based there, the latter operating the Honolulu Harbor mine defenses.

The 185th Coast Artillery Company later was there.

Operations continued at the site until 1950, when it was abandoned.  It is now part of the container port facility.

One person commented, "During that fateful morning, I was tending to my newly planted grass at my new house at Lime Street.  Suddenly O heard 'boom, boom' sounds and saw puffs of smoke appearing in the sky.  This must have been artillery firing from Fort Armstrong attempting to shoot down the Japanese warplanes."


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