Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bits of War: Winston Churchill's Secret Bunkers and Quonset Huts

**  From the March 9, 2017, Express (U.K.)  "Winston Churchill's SECRET bunkers hidden all over Britain in THESE classified locations.

There was, of course, a serious threat of German invasion in the early 1940s.  There were over 600 secret bunkers spread out over the British landscape.  It was planned to have specially-trained groups of soldiers conduct guerrilla type operations out of them.

**  From the February 17, 2016, Wilmington (NC) Biz  "Proposed Mixed-Use Project Includes Historic Wilmington Structure."

A quonset hut in Wilmington, constructed after World War II is on the path of preservation.  The U.S. Navy used quonset huts a lot during World War II because they were light and easy to build.

Quonset huts were named after Quinset Pointe, a peninsula and former site of a Rhode Island Navy base where they were first made.

--Quon me.  --GreGen

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