Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shorpy Home Front Photos: TVA and Coal

JANUARY 23, 2017--  Turn, Turn Turn: 1942--  June 1942.  "Tennessee Valley Authority power and conservation.  Fort Loudoun Dam construction.  Workman opening valve on a new pipeline of Fort Loudoun Dam, farthest upstream of the TVS's main Tennessee River projects.

"Scheduled for closure and first storage of water early in 1943, this dam will create a 15,000 acre lake reaching 55 miles upstream of Knoxville..  This reservoir will have a useful storage capacity of 126,000 acre-feet.  Power installation of 64,000 kilowatts is authorized, with a possible ultimate of 96.000 kilowatts."  Alfred Palmer, OWI.

JANUARY 16, 2017--  Big John: 1942--  November 1942:  "Pittsburgh (vicinity).  Montour No. 4 mine of the Pittsburgh Cone Company.  Coal miner waiting to go underground."  John Collier, OWI.  The miner is a black man.  Everyone doing their part for the war effort.

What Made America Powerful.  --GreGen

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