Friday, May 19, 2017

The USS Bayfield (APA-33)-- Part 2: At D-Day

The Bayfield was 492 feet long, had a beam of 69.6 feet and regular complement of 51 officers and 524 enlisted.  As a transport, it could carry 80 officers and 1,146 troops.  It was capable of 18 knots and mounted two 5-inch guns and an assortment of anti-aircraft guns.

After commissioning, it carried troops to the British Isles for the D-Day invasion (and Yogi Berra as well).  At D-day, Berra was a gunner's mate, but not on the Bayfield, but a much smaller rocket ship.  After disembarking its troops, the Bayfield supplied firepower and later operated in the area for a while before taking part in operations on the southern coast of France.


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