Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DeKalb County, Illinois, World War II Deaths-- Part 1

I am continuing my Salute to the Veterans for Memorial Day 2017.

Actually, this whole blog is a salute to veterans and especially those of World War II.

Back on May 1st, I wrote about a DeKalb, Illinois, family having one son already in the Army in February 1942.  In addition, they had another son about to enter the Navy and a third one set to go to the Marines.  There was even a fourth son who was a year too young to join the military, but no doubt would follow his brothers.

I'll let you know the family name and if they all came back or not tomorrow.

I got to wondering if any of them did not come home so looked up DeKalb County's World War II casualties.  I will be writing the names of the men who died over the next week.

From Geneaology Trails.

These are the abbreviations for how they died.

KIA--  Killed In Action
DOW--  Died of Wounds
DOI--  Died of Injuries
DNB--  Died Non-Battle
FOD--  Finding of Death Under Public Law 490
M-  Missing


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