Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shorpy Home Front Photographs-- Part 1: Chicago's Union Station

From the Shorpy site.  Well worth going to these photos and taking a look at them, making them larger and definitely read the comments.

JAN. 17, 2014  FOR US: 1943--  January 1943 "Chicago, Illinois, Union Station train concourse.  By Jack Delano, Office of War Information (OWI)  There is a huge sign at the end of the hall.  A comment said that the bonds purchased matured in 40 years at five times their cost.

JUNE 6, 2007  MODEL FLIGHT: 1943--  "Model airplanes decorate the ceiling of train concourse at Union Station in Chicago, Illinois.  By Jack Delano OWI (who took a lot of train photos during the war).  Comment: saw them at age 7  Another comment said they were made by youngsters.

JAN. 17, 2014  FOR THEM, BOMBS: 1943--  January 1942 "Chicago, Illinois, Union Station train concourse.  By Jack Delano, OWI.  There is a sign showing the way to the USO Lounge and Servicemen's Canteen.


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