Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive in McHenry-- Part 4: The Hunter Boat Company

Another article shown at the ceremony was a short one about the Hunter Boat Company in McHenry , Illinois, (a big builder of recreation boats for the Chain of Lakes and elsewhere) receiving an order from the U.S. Army to manufacture several hundred boats on an assembly line basis.

I found out from the McHenry, Illinois,  Walking Tour that the Hunter Boat Company was located on the east side of the Fox River at 31112 Lincoln Road, across Pearl Street bridge from Riverside Street.

Everett Hunter moved his company from Chicago and located here in 1910 to take advantage of the Fox River and Chain of Lakes.  At one time they operated 18 tour boats to take visitors to the famed lotus beds on Fox lake and Grasslake.

They made everything from rowboats, speed boats to yachts..

In World War II, they made boats for the U.S. navy (although the article mentioned the U.S. Army).


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