Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Ogdensburg Agreement of 1940: U.S.-Canada Mutual Defense

From Wikipedia.

Signed August 17, 1940.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie signed the agreement in Hedvelton, Canada, near Ogdensburg.    It outlined a permanent plan for mutual defense.

The United States and Canada had long been economic partners, but Canada regarded Great Britain as its primary military partner.  However, the situation in Europe worsened with German successes and the surrender of France in June.

There was fear of an invasion of Britain and its surrender.  Britain transferred its gold to Canada for safekeeping at the beginning of the war.

On August 18, 1940, FDR and Mackenzie met at Ogdensburg, New York, and set up the Permanent Board on Defense.  Churchill was outraged, but it is still in effect.


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