Monday, March 19, 2018

N.C.'s Liberty Armada-- Part 4: Housing Projects for Workers

The N.C. Shipbuilding Co. was able to get Federal subsidies to construct three housing projects for 900  workers and their families.

Greenfield Terrace was a permanent one to house 300 white families with rents starting at $27.50 a month.  Lake Village had temporary fabrication houses for another 475 white families.  The 126 black families had Hillcrest Extension, a permanent community with rents from $10 to $22.

The two white communities were located near Greenfield Lake, just north of the shipyard and an easy commute.  Housing for the black workers were several miles away.

Buses served all three communities and eventually there were 140 trucks and buses  ferrying people around.

These buses were often crowded qt the end of shifts and workers got to them as past as possible to avoid being straphangers and standing.


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