Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How Well Do You Know Your WW II Slang?-- Part 2: "GI Jesus"

Answers below.

5.  Who was a GI Jesus?

6.  When a person is "bucking for a Section 8" they were trying to get what?

7.  A person who gives his opinion on everything is a what?

8.  What do the letters "CB" mean?


5.  I guessed  it was a prayer.  That was wrong.  A "GI Jesus" was a chaplain.  Any military person, regardless of denomination, could confide with any chaplain.

6.    Discharged from the military.  They often would claim they were crazy or even shoot themselves in the foot.

7.  I guessed "Backseat driver" incorrectly.  It was an armchair general.  Whether informed on a subject or not, he gave his opinion.

8.  "CB" means confined to barracks.  There were usually two main reasons to get "CB."  The person was sick, but not sick enough for the infirmary or being disciplined.

How You Doing?  --GreGen

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